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Camping Rules

Guidance for Campers

We like dogs. However we ask that dog owners who wish to bring their pooch camping or on a visit to our farm please check that their dog is acceptable with Ros or Geoff before doing so.
This is because we need to be able to monitor how many dogs are present and what kind of behaviour they are likely to display.
It is likely that we will say “Yes, you can bring your dog..” but we do ask the following:
1. Dogs to be kept on a lead or ‘tethered’ at all times. Dogs should not be allowed to wander around the campsite. This would be dangerous - particularly for the dog. Other peoples children can be particularly worrying to a dog - they pull ears, make growling noises and
from a dog’s point of view children are particularly unpredictable and worrying.

Dogs also find the contents of other peoples tents irresistible - Mmmm cheese!

2. Dogs must not be allowed to chase or ‘play with’ farm animals (stock) or wildlife
3. Owners must clear up after their dog (another good reason for tethering the dog - you know where he/she is and what they are doing). see above re compost-able dog poo bags or failing these, bag the poo and put it in the landfill bin.
So give us a ring to discuss bringing your dog as we do allow them at our discretion.

Noisy Neighbours:
Who needs them? Not Us thank you!
Please be considerate towards your fellow campsite users at all times. remember that a tent is a thin bit of nylon or canvas and sound travels straight through it! For the sake of maintaining the camp site as a beautiful and peaceful place to be, we ask that visitors here do
not use radio’s or DVD players (or their car radio’s either) to play music.
By all means strum your acoustic guitar or play your fiddle around the camp fire but not after 11.30 at night and not if your music making is going to keep other campers awake.
Because of our close proximity to Hay-on-Wye we also have to consider the well-being of hardworking Hay town residents. The people of Hay also need their beauty sleep and will not wish to be kept awake by noisy campers at Racquets Farm.
So PLEASE no selfish, loud behaviour whilst staying at Racquets Farm.

Cars and Traffic:
Park your car sensibly and safely. Be considerate towards other people at all times. Drive VERY SLOWLY if you are coming in or leaving the camp area. If you are going to make frequent journeys to or from the camp area please park your car near the gate or driveway to
avoid driving through or close to other campers pitches. Never drive off the track or driveway or across the fields unless invited to do so by Ros or Geoff. If you are bringing more than 1 car per family/tent please liaise with Ros or Geoff first on:
01497 821520 Landline
Ros Mob: 07966 420822
Please follow the Countryside code at all times.
If a gate is shut it is shut for a reason;
Maybe to keep you Out?
Maybe to keep animals In?
If you find a gate shut and you have to go through it then SHUT IT AFTERWARDS (properly)
Always abide by notices that may be there to protect you or the wildlife.
Never damage or remove plants or animals, fungi or soil - they are all precious resources.
Never pollute water or take fish from the river.

The fishing rights are private and a permit to fish must be obtained from: Aubrey Fry at 'Want to Canoe'? 01497 820604 or

Fires and Bar-B-Q’s:
Please make sure that you use a brazier supplied by Racquets Farm or a similar fire place or fire pit brought with you. NEVER light a fire directly on the ground please.
Please do not use firewood or branches from the woodland or field margins. We can supply firewood for open fires.
01497 821520
07966 420822 Ros mob