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Ros Garratt, Artist

I have worked as a Decorative Artist on the interiors of houses and both antique and modern furniture.

Other work experience includes supporting other artists and community arts groups with professional development advice.

Recent exhibitions have included:

  • H Art 2011,12 and 13
  • The Lives of Others at Clyro Community hall with 3 other artists
  • Gallery on The Usk at Crickhowell
  • Glasbury Arts 2014
  • Glasbury Arts at Cyfartha Castle, Merthyr, 2016

My prints are available to buy please contact me on:

I draw and paint (mainly in oils but also using mixed media) as my main art-form, however working on images using linocut is so absorbing that I also enjoy making images by hand using a Japanese baren. I see printmaking as another way to express an idea that I have probably looked at as a painting first.

These days the ‘Hedgerow’ represents a mini wilderness. Hedgerows are sculptured yet wild, havens for beautiful everyday plant life and important contributors to the maintenance of bio-diversity in a countryside that is so intensively managed for farming. Hedgerows also give us glimpses of wider views. In fact they frequently dominate our connection with the landscape – yet we imagine ourselves to be looking over them, across them and beyond them. Take another look close up they are fascinating and very busy!

The Lino – Cuts I have prepared inspired by the local Hedgerows are quite dramatic and sometimes a little bizarre. I hope you enjoy them.

Ros Garratt