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Terms & Conditions

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Terms and conditions:

1) When we refer to “you” or “your”, we mean the camper or customer of our services.

2) Unsuitable camping conditions.
If adverse circumstances, for example flooding, result in the proprietors cancelling your booking at any time, a full refund of your balance or unused fees will be made. If the site needs evacuating in an emergency situation and there is insufficient time to process a refund on site, you will be contacted as soon as possible after the evacuation in order for the refund to be arranged.

3) Making amendments (changes) to advance bookings.
You can make any amendments to your booking either by email or telephone, as long as more than fourteen days notice before the date your booking is due to start is given.

If you want to make amendments fourteen days or less before your booking starts, you must contact the Proprietors as soon as possible.

Whether they can meet your needs depends on specific considerations, such as pitch/dome availability. This applies only to making amendments to an existing booking. You cannot completely change the dates you booked, as this would constitute a ’cancellation’ with less than fourteen days’ notice, and any new dates would become a completely separate booking.

Toilets are composting type.

If your arrival may be delayed after 7pm, it is important that you call the site so that the proprietors can ensure there is someone available to greet you.

The wood-burning stoves provided in our domes are unguarded and we expect guest to behave responsibly around them. Racquety Farm can provide a fire guard if specifically requested to do so. If you feel that the stove presents an unacceptable risk, we will, of course remove it from your dome.

Cancellation Policy:
1. You can cancel your booking by telephone or email.
2. If you cancel the booking more than 14 days before it is due to start, we will refund your balance less a 5% administration charge. If you cancel your booking, for any reason, less than 14 days before it starts, we reserve the right to not refund your balance.
3. If you decide to leave the site early for any reason (including the weather, unless we class the conditions as being too severe to camp), or you leave early without giving a reason, we will keep any unused fees and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Payment of balance after leaving a deposit:
The balance is payable 28 before the start of the holiday. Please call the campsite to arrange to pay the balance.

If the booking is made within 28 days of your arrival date, the balance of the booking fee is payable as soon as possible after making your booking.