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Wales, HR3 5RS
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Recycling Policy

Rubbish and Recycling!

 We provide very comprehensive re-cycling facilities and expect visitors to re-cycle all paper, card, plastics, glass and tins/cans as well as food and vegetable waste in the bins provided. We do not accept broken chairs, tents, gazebos or airbeds and ask that visitors take any non-recyclables home to deposit in their own local authority Landfill services. We can provide biodegradable bags for dog poo and we politely request that visitors use 100% bio-degradable nappies, wipes etc which can all then be deposited in the compost toilets for disposal.
Our mission is to make camping an environmentally friendly activity for the increased satisfaction and benefit of everyone.

So WASH IT AND SQUASH IT BEFORE YOU BIN IT, and if you can't be bothered, TAKE IT HOME!

Thank You.